ONE of the ADF intermediates Application – whitening agents

Cosmetics are familiar to every woman who makes up because they are used every day. However, because of this, sometimes they will ignore some common sense about cosmetics. Every one of us should know these common sense when using cosmetics. It can help us use cosmetics more correctly. Do you know all the following cosmetic tips? Let’s have a look!Whitening is a hot topic. People hope to get the ideal skin they want through whitening products.

At present, many whitening agents have been developed for the research and development of whitening active ingredients, such as pure chemical hydroquinone in the early stage, fruit acid and tissue extract in the middle stage, arbutin, VC derivative and licorice extract from natural plants in the near future. These whitening agents have met the needs of consumers to a certain extent and stimulated the development of whitening market, But we are soberly aware that pure chemical whitening effect is good, but the side effects are greater. Although the side effects of pure natural plant extracts are small, the whitening effect is small or uncertain.

There are a lot of whitening materials in China, which make people dazzled. Most of the safe materials are not satisfactory.


Almost all safe raw materials are difficult to be effective in a short time, and there are individual differences. Only model evaluation can be used, two of which are most commonly used (almost all whitening raw materials are evaluated), and they are relatively objective.

1. Inhibition of tyrosinase activity: 1
2. The activity of B16 cells was inhibited

The raw materials with safety, efficacy, mildness and stability can be found through clinical evaluation and model evaluation.

Nicotinamide (VB3) α Arbutin, vitamin C ethyl ether, tranexamic acid, resorcinol derivatives, glycyrrhizin, amino whitening agent, plant whitening and so on.

Nicotinamide (VB3)
It is the most commonly used and cheapest whitening agent.

Accelerate metabolism, promote the shedding of keratinocytes containing melanin, act on melanin that has been produced, reduce its transfer to surface cells, promote the synthesis of epidermal protein, and improve skin texture.

β- Arbutin, white to yellowish powder, blocks the mechanism of tyrosinase and inhibits melanin production. Reducing the age-related yellowish brown plaque can effectively reduce the number of sunspots. It can significantly reduce the pigmentation caused by ultraviolet radiation. Improve the metabolism of sunburned skin caused by radiation.

α- Arbutin
White crystal powder can inhibit the activity of tyrosinase at very low concentration β- Arbutin is 9 times stronger than kojic acid and cyanoquinone. It can whiten skin rapidly and has stable properties. It can greatly overcome the discoloration and hydrolysis problems of arbutin formula.


Post time: May-31-2022