CEO Yang’s routine inspection of saiyong Jinan Plant.

Saiyong CEO Yang goes on a tour to our factory every 3 months. He mainly go for a inspection on safety、QA and product delivery accuracy.

He went to Jinan plant yesterday, and plans to saty there for 1 week. The weather of  early summer is hot already, but the morning is still a little cool and fit for hard-working! Mr. Yang arrived at Jinan station very early on 5am, while he is a very energetic man and happy with the early start-work. He quickly took a texi to Saiyong Jinan Factory, as this texi journey would take him 1 hour to arrive.


After a short breakfast at our factory canteen, he walked to the factory area and just saw the night shift workers ready to go off work. They were astonished to see Yang Sir so early at their factory, haha! They all burst into laugh! Yang sir just saw a safety inspector checking our gas leakage preventing system. Later he walked around the whole factory and the warehouse. Nobody awared that CEO Yang is on the spot! At the meantime, Yang sir can collect the most real information of this factory.


He also inspected the GMP and 5S management of the factory, the head of the factory held a meeting for CEO and all the management crew on 9AM on the topic of our whole strategy for market and product.  CEO pointed out that the qulity is still and always be our first marketing strategy. After the meeting, Yang sir said this time he would paid more attention to the warehouse and inspects it again under the accompany of the plant head Mr. Lee. Because the warehouse reflets the whole factory regulations’ obeying situation and the speed of loading for delivery.

For today, CEO is quite satisfied with the whole staff’s effort. In the following days, he prepared to discuss more details on the future working plan for the next 3 months. We all wish Yang sir a happy tour here!


Post time: Jun-22-2022