Journey to GuangZhou Internation New Material Exhibition 2022.

On a warm and cold morning in the early spring of 2022, the five representatives of SAIYONG New Materials embarked on the journey to Guangzhou International New Chemical Materials Exhibition. The five representatives include GM Yang, a R&D engineer and three business elites.

When I first arrived in Guangzhou, I felt everything fresh to me, I breathed more of the taste of the sea. The air was very humid. There were a few wisps of thin clouds in the sky that day, and the sun was a little more gentle. After a little adjustment, we rushed to Guangzhou Convention and Exhibition Center, planned to arrange our booth before noon today, and made sufficient preparations for the next day. As the saying goes: ’be prepared without danger’, and look forward to tomorrow! The exhibition covers a large area. We are the 6th house in the right row at the front door of zone A.


A total of 1603 exhibitors participated in this exhibition, with more than 10,000 product types, of which more than 200 enterprises exhibited their R & D new products. Two new products launched by our company:

1. High purity and activity Mnitazene (CAS 14680-51-4) was popular, and a total of 120kg was signed on the spot;

2. Another new product independently developed by our factory: Bromazolam (CAS 71368-80-4) accounts for 12.6% of the sales of this product in the whole exhibition with its ultra-high cost performance and advantageous price.


After a whole day of contact with customers, although we were tired, the joy of being recognized by customers soon prevailed. In the team’s eye contact with each other, I could see that everyone had a harvest. While we were happily exchanging experiences and insights, we quickly put our items back, cleaned the booth and were ready to go.

At this moment, I am deeply grateful for the many experiences brought to me by participating in this exhibition. It allowed me to understand the first needs of customers face to face, and we also summarized and shared the issues that customers are most concerned about.

I think this can definitelly pave a new foundation for SAIYONG New Material for the future! Also, we will still adhere to the principle of customer demand first, provide our customers with strict requirements and high standards of raw materials and intermediates, and continue to shine in the field of production and marketing of pharmaceutical intermediates!

Post time: Jun-02-2022