Killer of pain, Netflix limited series: Everything we know so far

One of our most anticipated limited series coming to Netflix is Killer of pain, a new series that will feature the talents of Taylor Kitsch, Matthew Broderick, Dina Shihabi and Uzo Aduba.Here’s a rundown of everything we know so far about Netflix’s painkiller, which is expected to hit the market in 2022.
Micah Fitzerman-Blue and Noah Harpster served as writers and producers on the show.Both serve as producers of Amazon Prime Transparent.
Following the Killer of pain, the show’s producers are currently working on their next project, titled “United States of America vs.”Vince McMahon with WWE and Blumhouse Television Productions.
Eric Newman through his production company Grand Electric, Tim Berg through Film 44 and Alex Gibney through Jigsaw Pictures are all working on the project.
The limited series is about the origins of the opioid crisis, which continues to have devastating effects in the United States.Here’s some background on the issue and what the series will cover:

killer of pain1
Killer of pain, uncovering the roots of one of the most pressing health epidemics of the twenty-first century. Powerful narcotic Killer of pain, or opioids, were once used as a last resort for pain sufferers. Purdue transformed OxyContin with an unprecedented marketing campaign. became a billion-dollar blockbuster claiming that the drug’s long-acting formula made it safer than traditional painkillers for many types of pain. This illusion was quickly shattered as addicts learned about crushing Oxy Its anesthetic payload can be simultaneously released. Even in its prescribed form, Oxy has proven to be highly addictive. As the use and abuse of OxyContin increased, Purdue University hid everything it knew from regulators, doctors, and patients .
There are those who profit from the crisis, there are those who pay the price, there are those who plot on the board, and there are those who try to sound the alarm.Art Van Zee, a rural doctor in rural Virginia, took over at Purdue and warned officials against misusing OxyContin.An ebullient high school cheerleader, Lindsey Myers, is reduced to stealing from her parents to feed her escalating Oxy habit.Tough DEA ​​official Laura Nagel tried to hold Purdue executives accountable.The drugmaker’s owners, Raymond and Mortimer Sackler, whose names adorn museums around the world, have made a fortune from OxyContin’s commercial success.”


Post time: Jun-10-2022