Nowadays people pay more attention to mental health!

‘Confessions’ heads to Copenhagen for 3 days of design after its debut at Milan Design Week 2022, showcasing commissioned work from 14 male artists, designers and architects reflecting toxic masculinity, vulnerability and mental health
View of Tableau and Post Service’s ‘Confession’ exhibition at Milan Design Week 2022, featuring the ‘:S’ mirror by Lab La Bla (left) and the ‘Fast As Lightning’ chandelier by Jacob Egeberg (right).Photography: Piercarlo Quecchia and DSL Studio
Despite rising public awareness of mental health in recent years, many men still suffer in silence – an issue that multidisciplinary design studio Tableau has boldly tackled in ‘Confessions’, a new exhibition debuting during Milan Design Week 2022.Will travel to the studio’s hometown of Copenhagen for a 3-day design (15-17 June 2022).
As Tableau creative director Julius Værnes Iversen explains, the purpose of the exhibition is to create an “open-minded space”.He invited 14 male participants to express their anxiety through commissioned works: “All artists, designers and architects were asked to create a piece that showed vulnerability, a problem they’ve been grappling with, or when they’re thinking about their own psychology. Something that comes to mind. Health.’

The sofa bed – a piece of furniture reminiscent of a psychotherapist’s office – was the starting point for Rotterdam architect Paul Cournet, who reinterpreted Mies van der Rohe’s 1930 “Barcelona” sofa bed.
His version uses a second-hand frame – the original horizontal straps were replaced by silver-plated straps (supplied by Dutch manufacturer Ecco Leather) – to support the mattress and headrest, both padded under a silver coating made from scrap Recycled tennis ball foam metal industry.Iversen explained that it is a work that encourages visitors to lie down and release their bonds.
Nearby, a mirror by Austrian designer Laurids Gallée depicting a monkey clutching a blanket (like a bullfighter in a cape) has a similar silvery sheen.A closer look reveals that it is made of chrome resin – which Gallée drips drop by drop onto small pieces to create the desired pattern, inspired by his reflections on not being very good at accepting help from others.


Post time: Jun-15-2022