Global market Holds Joint International Symposium on Chinese Medicine Research

SALT LAKE CITY, June 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Scientific research is critical to a health and wellness company—it drives continuous innovation and the development of advanced products for customers.With this goal in mind, USANA recently partnered with the US Center for Traditional Chinese Medicine (USCCM) to host a joint research workshop on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in Maryland.This investment in research underscores USANA’s commitment to continuing to explore the benefits of TCM and how it complements more popular health products and practices.
“Our purpose in hosting this workshop is to explore new perspectives on integrative medicine and assess their impact on society and the economy,” said USANA Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Rob Sinnott.“We shared specific research projects that helped develop new health-promoting interventions. Along with myself and USANA’s new product research director, Dr. Jeremy Tian, ​​the workshop was attended by several USCCM speakers, some of the most knowledgeable in the country Doctors and TCM experts. The world. We hope to see public interest in TCM continue to grow.”

USANA’s investment in TCM research extends to a partnership with Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (BUCM).The goal of this project is to bring together scientists and researchers in modern nutritional science and traditional Chinese medicine, and to further develop products and protocols that support global health and wellness.
USANA and BUCM are collaborating to evaluate the effectiveness of TCM tonifying qi, an ancient Chinese healing art involving meditation, to further research TCM ingredients, create new healthy TCM products, and develop targeted nutrition for different body types.
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Post time: Jun-29-2022